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So what is a domain name?

How to Select a Premium Domain
April 16, 2018

So what is a domain name?

Domain name is your unique internet identity and choosing the right one is as important as the content of your website. If you have a business online then your domain name is your own brand. There can never be two companies with the same domain name which makes this unique. A domain name is the unique address used to identify your site. Computers use IP (internet protocol) addresses which are a series of numbers used to identify each other. Domain names were developed so that easily remembered names could be used to identify the page instead of the number. If you put a correct IP number into a browser it would bring up the site as would putting the domain name in.

What is the best domain name?

Well the best domain name is one that is easy to remember and stands out. You want your domain name to stand out from the crowd and give you a decisive edge over your competitors. If your business is selling websites then or com would be ideal, it describes the site well and people know they have come to the right site. Also using the companies’ name as your domain name is great if you can get it. Using unique text that describes your website is a good idea. Using branding and keywords in the domain name can be tricky to accomplish but if you could use the words it would give you a head start. Most people believe .com names are the best but other people believe that it your site ends in .com then it’s an American site. If your site ends in people believe that the site comes from the UK. Neither of these statements is true as anyone can register either a .com or .net domain from anywhere in the world. Because most domain names are snapped up quick then trying to get a domain name which is the name of your business is the best way to go even if you cannot get a .com domain.

Why should you re-register?

Well if you don’t remember to re-register your domain, someone else could come along and register it themselves. Few people realize the importance of having their domain name and keeping it. So many people have a domain name and then forget to re-register or don’t like the cost of re-registering so loose it. Or often people believe it they don’t bother to re-register and wait a few weeks they can then register it again using a domain registration company where the prices in very little in comparison to re-registering the site before the domain expired. The trouble with doing that is that the domain could be snapped up by somebody else and you will have lost your unique online identity. So that is the chance you take. If you have a good online business and your website is generating a lot of new business and customers then it would be really stupid to let your domain go on the hope that you could save some money and register it again in a few weeks. The amount of money and business you could have lost in taking that chance would be better spent on re-registering the site in the first place.

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