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How It Works

How It Works

eReady, Inc. focuses on “Industry keyword websites”. Industry keyword websites are websites that focus on domain names generated from high traffic related keywords and receive a stream of type-in traffic commonly referred to as “direct navigation.”

These visitors arrive by typing a domain name directly into the browser’s address bar hoping to find what they are looking for. Type-in visitors are highly targeted and convert very well compared to other forms of traffic. The shorter the exact match domain, the more likely it will have significant type-in traffic.

The domain name is a very import factor in determining whether a website succeeds or fails. Exact match domains give their owners a quality source of highly targeted traffic that converts into sales. Considering the benefits that an exact match domain provides, investing in one, at the right price, is one of the smartest business decisions a web developer can make.

When it comes down to it, the benefits of exact match keyword domain names are more than just plentiful. These benefits can mean the difference between finding well qualified traffic and missing out on the potential profits of purchasing consumers. By using a domain name that perfectly matches the most common keywords possible, you are much more likely to show up in search engine results.

This much is rather obvious. There are plenty of people who will type in keywords such as “cheap auto insurance, ” and if you happen to have the domain name you obviously come out ahead of the search engine optimization game.


Industry keyword domains are more memorable to clients/consumers. I dealt with a attorney several times about one year ago and couldn’t even begin to remember the law firm names they stuck together to make their website. But, if they had instead used something like, it would have been much more memorable. Keyword domains instill confidence, they say exactly what your client is looking for, and they make people believe you are the industry leader. For example, I am looking for a Personal Injury Lawyer.

Do I want or Most people would select first.

Last but not least, leasing an industry keyword domain name means that your competition can’t occupy that same domain. You have blocked your competition.